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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been referring my podiatry patients with hearing needs to Gina Perrone for more than 5 years now and my patients have been very happy with the hearing assistance that she has provided. They have found her to be caring, thorough, and have recommended her services to their friends. I have always had very satisfactory feedback from those patients that I have referred and she has been very pleasant to work with. I have even personally sat in on a few hearing tests and observed that Gina communicates well with and really understands her patient population.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to me personally, please do not hesitate to call.


Paul Frumento, DPM
Brandywine Podiatry

I am writing on the behalf of Ms. Gina Perrone, the former owner and sole audioprosthologist of the "Hearing Health Center."

Ms. Perrone has been a vendor for us for approximately a year, and during the time that we have utilized her services to help our clients; the service she has provided was unbelievable! Gina started her own business and as a new vendor she was the best in providing audiological care for our clients. Gina was already very involved with helping clients who sought help through the local Lion's Clubs

due to their financial limitations. I met Gina not long before she began assisting our clients, and part of why we had such a good relationship was we both were in the business of trying to help the

disabled get their needs met in a very affordable way. I am a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the State of Delaware's Department of Labor. I work in the Office of Independent Living (IL), and my direct responsibilities involve helping clients with financial difficulties and significant disabilities, to get such help as ramps, porch lifts, bathroom modifications and hearing aids, so that they may be able to live and function as independently as possible in their own homes. Gina Perrone has been one of the finest vendors I have ever worked with, and her sincere desire to give back to the community is very admirable. She made it possible for us to help more adults with disabilities and to meet the difficulties they face every day in their lives. She helped us to provide for individuals who sometimes could not get out of their homes for appointments, by going to them. I can't say enough about the wonderful experiences I have had with Gina. I feel it's a shame that she has sold her business because I have already seen the hole that exists in helping the community since we no longer have access to her as a provider for our clients and their hearing needs.


John W. Gano, MS, LPCMH
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Department of Labor/Ofc of Independent Liv
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of commendation for Gina Gordy Perrone.

Mrs. Perrone came to the Weston Senior Center in March 2009 as a volunteer from the Wilmington Manor Lions Club. As a Board Certified Audioprosthologist, she certainly possesses the skills to screen for hearing disorders. Gina visited our center each and every month until December 2010 when she could no longer give of her time and talents due to work demands.

In the months that Gina came to the Weston Senior Center, she helped 67 of our members by testing their hearing, repairing their hearing aids, counseling them, reassuring them, assisting them acquire hearing aids if needed and the list goes on.

In addition to her scheduled day each month, on many occasions, Gina would come to the center at other times to help a member. Our members continually ask, "When is Gina coming back?"

Gina Gordy Perrone has a fabulous personality, a true caring spirit and extraordinary knowledge of her field. Her integrity is beyond question. She is a wonderful person; someone that I am proud to know.

Please feel free to contact me should you need anything additional.


Sandra S. Krett
Executive Director
Howard J. Weston Community and Senior Center, Inc.
New Castle, Delaware


To whom it may concern:

Re: Gina Perrone

I am writing this letter of recommendation regarding Gina Perrone. I have known Gina for approximately two years during which time she has provided a full range of otological services in my otolaryngology practice. During the time I have worked with her, I found Gina to approach her job in a very professional manner and am impressed by her expertise with respect to her testing of patients and dispensing of hearing aids.

Gina has developed an excellent relationship with our patients. Because Ms. Perrone works in an ear nose and throat practice, she has become quite proficient in differentiating different types of ear pathology and their corresponding audiometric findings and I consider her a valuable asset to my practice.

I enthusiastically support Ms. Perrone's qualifications to receive a master's certificate in auditory prosthetics and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have of me.

Wayne P. Mucci, D.O.

My mother and I came to Dr. Duncan's practice for help with a medical disorder of her ears. We knew she also had hearing difficulty and was unable to understand conversations even with the hearing aids she had purchased a while ago. Not only did Dr. Duncan handle her problems with compassion and expertise, but the audioprosthologist on staff, Gina Perrone, gave us great hope she would be able to understand and comprehend again with more suitable aids. She had a trial period and with a new set of aids fit by Gina Perrone, my Mom, who had been told nothing more could be done to help her, is hearing much better, is happier and delighted with all the help provided by this facility. We purchased 2 hearing aids for less than the one she had before and my mother is close to 90 and has poor sight, poor dexterity, and not much patience. Gina was able to take ALL of that into consideration and fit her in exactly what would work for her.

We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Duncan and Gina Perrone and helping my Mom to hear better when we were told this was not possible.

Thank you so much!

Dr. Sandy Plattner
Forensic Psychologist

Let me thank you for helping two of my friends to hear better. They are both very happy with their hearing aids. Michael hasn't had his very long so was still "playing" with his when I last saw him. Bob is quite pleased with his. I think he is most pleased that even I don't notice them though I know what to look for.

I can't tell you what a blessing it is to have found you. I am still amazed every once in a while when I hear something that I'm not used to being able to hear or when I hear something and realize that it wasn't so long ago that I would have missed it completely. I sing your praises every chance I get, to anyone who stands still long enough to listen. Just today, your ears must have been burning as I talked about you and my hearing aids to two people at my dentist's office. And I am forever grateful that I decided to make a switch from my prior eye doctor to try Campus Eye Group. Without doing that, I never would have found you.

So, again, thank you for the gift card. But more importantly, thank you for the gift of hearing.

Forever in your debt....


This letter documents the tremendous support of Gina Perrone, ACA, to the education. training and support of myself in becoming a certified Fitter (Hearing Instrument Specialist) in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as the support she has given in establishing Zounds of Lancaster as a major provider of hearing aids in Lancaster County PA.

Gina has been a nurturing educator. sharing decades of hearing instrument experience. in providing a foundation for me to 1) become educated within the body of knowledge of hearing aid fitting, and 2) own and operate a store and hearing aid business practice to provide residents of Lancaster and Lebanon Counties with hearing assistance. As a former VP of a hearing aid segment of Siemens. as a store owner and operator, as a lead hearing specialist in multiple practices across multiple states, and as a prolific speaker; Gina has the ability to enter virtually any conversation from a basic level up through corporation leadership regarding identifying and addressing the broad spectrum of hearing needs, and immediately add value.

I highly recommend engaging her service in any venture related to identifying hearing needs and servicing them, including the administration of doing so.


Jack French,
Hearing Instrument Specialist and Owner
Zounds of Lancaster


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